Plants vs. Zombies Coming To XBLA

While TV shows like Deadliest Warrior are addressing our need to know the answers to such vital questions like who would win a fight between pirates and ninjas, they do not step beyond human bounds and therefore cannot answer the question posed by PopCap with their game Plants vs. Zombies.

PopCap are TSA’s favourite purveyors of digital crack thanks to their range of quick fix games including the likes of Bejeweled and Peggle that are slowly becoming ubiquitous across all devices with a display and a method of input.


The currently PC-only Plants vs. Zombies sees you sowing your front lawn with various triffid-derivatives in an attempt to stave off the zombie hordes.  The game is a seemingly straighforward take on the tower defense genre with the action taking place on a simple grid with lanes across your lawn.  Seemingly simple, the game has great depth and includes a number of entertaining minigames as you progress.

While PopCap recently said that they wanted to bring the title to platforms other than the PC nothing had been confirmed.  Until now.  At last week’s Casual Connect in Seattle WorthPlaying met up with PopCap’s Garth Chouteau who told them that the game will indeed be appearing on XBLA, but could not reveal a release date.

So this is just really confirmation of what we already strongly suspected but confirmation is good right?  If you are not familiar with Plants vs. Zombies you can find out more about this brilliant little game on PopCap’s site and download a PC trial version.