TSA Fixes: LittleBigPlanet

After a manic week of illness, graduation and family birthdays, TSA Fixes strolls into this wet and windy (although it keeps switching to dry and sunny) Monday afternoon –  perhaps a little bit on the late side. Nevertheless, last week I asked which game you would like to see receive the Fixes treatment and the majority of you wanted to see how TSA would improve the adventure of our beloved Sackboy. So lets see shall we?


1. You are not welcome


Sackboy doesn’t like being alone. In fact, he’s encouraged to play with friend and have a jolly time. You invite your friends over – or some strangers you picked up on the way home for those more lonely individuals – before setting out on the nights adventure across a variety of magical lands. You slave away with your tiny arms, stretching to reach those analogue sticks and buttons, all just to plot the arduous course of our travels. Meanwhile, the other Sackboy’s feel the need to graffiti all over your beautifully decorated pod. It took me a good half an hour to line all of those cow and chicken stickers up correctly, and now you’ve just stuck a huge blow fish over the top of them. What are you doing?! This is my pod! Get out! If only I could save the decoration of your pod to just load up, just like Sackboy’s costumes.

2. So you think you’re unique?

What a lovely outfit you’ve chosen today. Shame that underneath that afro and beneath that chequered material lay the same Sackboy as all the others. Why, for a land privileged with such clothing and level diversity, are all Sackboy’s ultimately the same? Where is the slightly podgy Sackboy? Or midget Sackboy? The ability to adjust the height and size of the loveable mascot would surely be fantastic. While we’re at it, why are they all Sackboy’s? I know that you can dress him up in girls clothes, but he’s still a he. Where is the plumper-chested Sackgirl?

3. You have 30 minutes

Now I’m not entirely sure of a way around this, but in order to design and create a level in LittleBigPlanet that doesn’t suck takes quite a while. There’s architectural planning, aesthetics to be considered, sound, gameplay mechanics; we’re talking a good couple of days just to get to a semi-recognisable level. Before you know it, those two weeks of holiday you took are over and you have a wealth of blueprints and a massive piece of ‘wood’ that has the same properties of Swiss cheese.

4. Weren’t you just here?

Play. Create. Share. That is the LBP way. Such a shame then that sharing the experience online can be so difficult. Plagued with lag from its release, you would struggle to join with fellow players  let alone locate them during a game as they were flying about all over the place. Whilst I have not suffered the serious lag online for some time, there still is a glitch when players join and its not really as smooth as one would like.

How would you improve LittleBigPlanet?

As for next week (which is technically this week), which title do you want to get the TSA Fixes treatment? A choice of a variety of open world games: Prototype, Saints Row 2 or Red Faction: Guerrilla.