Conviction Delay Explained

Over at Joystiq they’ve had the chance to talk to Yves Guillemot about the delays to Splinter Cell: Conviction (now due in 2010) and Red Steel II. Now, obviously we’re not going to talk much about Red Steel II because it is a Wii exclusive and the first one was a long way short of living up to its promises. The sequel looks better but the Wii owners at TSA Towers won’t be getting excited about it until we’ve seen it being a whole lot better than the lacklustre original.

Splinter Cell: Conviction is a different matter altogether. After seeing that E3 footage we were mightily impressed and looking forward to this as much as anything else coming out this year. So, why the delay at this seemingly late stage? Polish. That’s all, Ubisoft’s development teams have asked for more time to add an extra layer of polish and make sure all the maps are up to the standard we’re expecting of a game that was originally scheduled for a 2007 release.


Initially this news was disappointing but I have to admit, despite the bankrupting glut of games now due in Spring 2010, we don’t think it’s such a bad thing if indeed it is being held back so it can be made even better. Whatever the reason, it’s certainly not like we’ll be bored this Autumn is it?