Fat Princess Dated & Priced

Fat Princess, the wonderfully titled 32 player game for chubby chasers has received its worldwide release date and pricing. The game will be released simultaneously worldwide in Europe, USA and Asia this Thursday 30th July, meaning we were pretty much bang on with our post last week. The game has received US pricing of $14.99, unfortunately UK/Euro pricing hasn’t been confirmed yet but will presumably be a very reasonable £9.99-£12.99 and maybe the usual €14.99.

The news was broken in a PlayStation Eye Chat between the US Blog’s Jeff Rubenstein and Titan Games Chris Millar and Craig Leigh. The interview below features an in depth look at various gameplay features, and I can’t wait till Thursday to get my hand on cake Fat Princess.


Update: GamerZines are reporting that SCEE have been in touch to say that the UK price of Fat Princess will be £11.99.

We have received a comment that as this takes it over £10 it means adding £15 to your PSN wallet.  For those who do not already know, if you checkout before adding funds to your wallet, if your wallet is short more than £5 of the total in your basket you will be able to add the exact amount to make up the shortfall.  (E.g., if your wallet is empty when you checkout you will be able to add exactly £11.99 or if you have £1.69 left in your wallet from previous purchases, you put Fat Princess in your basket and checkout, when asked to add funds to your wallet you will be able to add £10.30 exactly.)

Source: PlayStation.Blog

Uk price tips: darknight88 and Colinbarr66