Ratchet and Clank News and Trailer

In a summer of busyness, hecticness and general craziness, I look forward to when it’s all over as Autumn’s arrival signals, to me, a simpler life. I understand that this may be a backside first to some people, but I live in a backside first sort of place. However, whilst free time, birthdays and satisfyingly crunchy leaves are all things to look forward to, there’s one thing Autumn holds which currently places it above all other seasons. Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time.

A lovely post over on the US Blog has a mass of videos and information which has sent me into a flurry of excitement and nervous jitteryness. First discussed are the new Clank sections of gameplay which we all saw earlier in the week. The new info is that not only will Clank have a larger roll in the game, but also that he will have more gameplay than he has ever received in a title yet.

Don’t think that this means Ratchet is being pushed into the background though. If you’re frightened and confused by the new Clank gameplay, you can sleep safe tonight with the thought that Ratchet will remain generally unchanged. The RYNO has been confirmed to be reappearing as well as the Groovitron and on the new weapons front, the Spiral of Death has been revealed as the winner of the weapons contest announced earlier this year. The weapon sends out a spinning blade which whisks around the area hitting everything it can before returning to you, ready for another bout of slicing and dicing.

So one person got to see their weapon get the ratchet treatment. One. Don’t feel left out though as the newest addition to the game is customisable weapons. Announced were the Constructo Pistol and Constructo Glove which will each give us the ability to tailor them to our own specific playstyles. Do you want single, automatic, or charged shots? Sticky, ricocheting, or explosive bullets? Wide, tall or round explosions? The pistol alone has 36 different combinations of ammo, stocks and barrels. So once you get something the suits your playstyle, you can spend time working on making it suit your personal style as even the aesthetics are customisable. Though these have to be earned. You can’t just build the games most powerful weapon in the first five minutes and expect to sail through to the end as each mod is hidden around the galaxy and needs to be discovered by you.

Multiplayer has still neither confirmed, nor denied as Insomniac stated that they were much more focused on closing the story arc started in Tools of Destruction and creating an “epic single player experience”. Though Cologne is yet to come and apparently there is a lot more to reveal there including Space Gameplay.

I’ll leave you with the new trailer. I need to lie down.

Source: US Blog