Fat Princess: First Impressions

Let me just say that I’ve managed to stay relatively clear of the hype surrounding this game. I’ve seen a video or two, read Alex’s impressions of the Beta and that’s all. So this really is as close to a “First Impression” as you’re likely to get.

The first thing that struck me was the wonderful art style. I know, we’ve seen it all before in the videos and stills that have been floating around for months but to actually see it in full 1080p high definition, stretched across a large TV, is something slightly different. It’s beautiful.


Everything about Fat Princess seems to be there to casually entertain you. From the amusingly titled menu options (Play with others, Play With Yourself, Bragging Rights and Twiddly Knobs) to the fairytale narration that introduces the single player missions. It’s about as pure a definition of the word “charming” as you’ll find on the PSN.

So how does it play? Well, it’s smooth, frantic, the controls are tight and the class system and upgrade mechanic works perfectly and has more depth to it than I was expecting. The Castle base is laid out with different machines generating the class hats (which you pick up to change class at any point in the gameplay) as well as the empty throne and the enemy princess in her cage.

This is obviously going to be something that’s best enjoyed with headsets (as any multiplayer experience is) but even if you’re completely disconnected from your team, just pinging arrows at the enemy is pleasantly entertaining. Your team might get annoyed though as you really do have to work as a team to make any sort of progress.

We will, of course, be bringing you a full review in due course but for now you can be comfortable in the knowledge that all those hopes were not in vain. Now, time to put my mage’s hat on and start hurling some fireballs…