Gearbox Not Developing Halo 4

Microsoft have stepped in on rumours of a new Halo title being developed by Gearbox. In a short post to their ‘Halo Waypoint’ Twitter page, they wrote “for the record, Gearbox is NOT working on a Halo title for Microsoft.” So it appears that the series may very well end on this last wave of Halo titles. It was originally stated that Halo 3 would be the last in a trilogy, and it seems that Bungie are living up to their word.

It is interesting to note that Microsoft haven’t claimed that another Halo title isn’t in the works somewhere. We know that Bungie have got a few titles in the works, but they haven’t put their foot down on the possibility of future productions from any other developer. However, it would be total speculation to try and guess what titles are coming that haven’t even been leaked yet, or who would be developing them. The rumour of Halo 4 is dead – or at least unconscious. We all know what happens to the unconscious. If there’s any solid news on future Halo developments, TSA will be there. Currently, Halo 4 is off the radar.

Source: Halo Waypoint Twitter