My Top Ten: Games Houses

A lot of video games use a house as your save and replenish point. It makes sense, even the most resilient hero needs a good sleep at the end of a hard day’s evil-slaying. As usual, let us know your favourite gaming houses in the comments.


  • Croft Mansion – Served as a training level for the first game, I still know the layout and when it appeared in a later Tomb Raider game I knew my way around. Well, I knew my way around the bits that they hadn’t changed.
  • Visari Palace – The formerly opulent surroundings for the finale of Killzone 2. Now ravaged by the combat that’s taking place in and around it, it serves as a wonderful area full of tight corners and small openings to stage the set-pieces that make Killzone 2 so enjoyable.
  • Haunted House (Atari 2600) – This was probably the first “Survival Horror” game. Born a year after I was and featuring a house with three levels. You had to strike a match to see what was around you and avoid a ghost and a bat (I think) while trying to escape the mansion with the remains of its previous owner.
  • House MD – in development from Legacy Interactive for the Wii, DS and PC. Play as a grumpy doctor with a limp. Or something, I don’t know – I’ve never watched the TV show, I just thought it was a funny play on words. Er… win?
  • House of the Dead – It takes something special to get me to switch my Wii on but House of the Dead: Overkill achieved that goal. Think about it: A house of the dead. Not a house of straw or a house of sticks like those ambitious little pigs had. No, this is a house of the dead.
  • Your House in Sims – This humble abode can be whatever you want it to be. It’s yours. Just remember to feature a toilet and a door. Otherwise your Sim shits itself and starves to death surrounded by flies.
  • The White House – Barack Obama has done many things for the world. Most of the global media bleated on about him being the most important black man in the white house since the slaves that built it. We all knew that he was, more importantly, the first President to take a games console in with him. It was a Wii but hey, the revolution has to start somewhere.
  • Andrew House – That’s right, I went there. Andrew is Sony’s CEO of SCEE. This is the guy that oversaw the launch of the EU Blog and is going to help us into the video-rental future and all the other greatness that is surely overdue for Sony’s leading region? Surely?
  • Hyman Condo – The swankiest apartment you could buy in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It has its own helipad and enough room in the garage to save a tank. So I owned a helicopter and a tank. The best apartment in the best GTA game so of course it deserves a place on the list.
  • Jet Set Willy’s House – If you’ve read my lists before you’ll know how prone I am to mentioning this game. The house is huge and if you can ignore the haunted razor blades it would be a fantastic crib. Obviously it needs a bit of a tidy up first though.