Patent Filed for Graphics Synthesizer Emulation?

Mark this as a rumour just now, but according to Gigazine Sony appear to have filed a patent to emulate the Graphics Synthesizer using the Cell and RSX, unlocking the final barrier for full PS2 backwards compatibility on the PS3 – or, at least, that’s what this looks like to my untrained eyes.  You’ll remember our earlier story regarding the Emotion Engine, but this appears to be the real deal, with the patent demonstrating a method to emulate both the EE and the GS.

There was a link to the PDF, but that appears to have removed at the time of us publishing this story.  However, this link provides stacks of information (in Japanese) and shots of the patent for dissection from someone with a better grasp of the language that this author.  With surely concrete ‘Slim’ news on the way we’re hoping that this will be a firmware update for everyone, not just for any new models that launch in the future.

The patent, according to Gigazine, was filed in 2007 and was released publicly just days ago.

Via GAF.

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  1. PS2 backwards compatibility for PS3 when the PS4 is about to be released? Quite sad.

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