Capcom Tease “Mindblowing” Game

How to build hype in one easy step: post something on Twitter.  We know about it, and the publishers and developers sure as hell know about it too, with Capcom the latest to jump on the free but highly effective train that is what we’re dubbing a TwitterTeaseCapcom_Unity, the distinctly unidirectional (12,500 follows and just 4 friends – not really in the spirit of Twitter is it) account posted such a TwitterTease this morning, thus:

In five , we’re having a meeting to discuss a new game sequel that will BLOW YOUR MIND when you find out about it… much, much later.

We’re of the opinion that all developers go through meetings about ‘mindblowing’ games all the time, don’t they?  How often do they go to meetings about ‘dull and formulaic’ games, for example?  Either way, we’ve now we’ve got to wait until “much, much later” to find out what it is, but we’re plumping for Strider.  Or Mega Man, but chances are it’ll be some daft Wii sequel to Resident Evil involving the balance board and a controller in each orifice.