Disgaea 3 DLC Tomorrow?

I don’t want to preempt the EU Blog’s Store Update post due later today, but we’ve just had an email through via NIS America letting us know that the much anticipated DLC for Nippon Ichi’s Disgaea 3 should land on our Store tomorrow. “The Disgaea 3 SLC will be available soon for PAL territories,” says the email. “The first batch of DLC should be available on 8/6 which is later this week.”

DLC for the Japanese version of the game started on the day of release and continued monthly, an in America the content was available from December 2008 onwards.  Let’s hope that this week marks the start of the PAL DLC and that we’ll get all the cool characters, stories and bonuses that other territories have seen and whilst there’s no mention of the Trophy patch from NIS, we’re hoping that’ll be along soon too.

Thanks, Klangaroo.