Guitar Hero 5 ‘Rockfest’ Revealed

Whilst I’m personally not overly excited with the setlist of Activision’s newest game with the word Hero in thetitle – we certainly have enough of them already – they are doing a lot to try and improve the gameplay for the fifth full installment of the Guitar Hero franchise. We already know that you will be able to play with any combination of instruments, which will certainly change the gameplay a reasonable amount as well as the inclusion of drop-in/drop-out play. For a lot of people though, wielding plastic guitars is only a social activity – unlike singing into a hairbrush – thus multiplayer has always been a very important factor for any music game.

It seems that Activision realised this and ensured to pack this edition full with multiplayer modes. Producer Brian Bright spoke about the new “Rockfest” multiplayer, which is “a suite of new multiplayer game types in Guitar Hero 5 that can be played individually or in teams.”


The Rockfest game modes include:

  • Momentum – All players begin at medium difficulty and go up in difficulty when they hit 20 notes in a row. But they go down in difficulty after missing three notes.
  • Streakers – You get points for getting note streaks. One point for the first 10 note streak, two for reaching 20, three for 30, and so on.
  • Perfectionist – The player with the top percentage of notes hit in each section (intro, solo, chorus, etc…) gets four points for that section, second place gets two, third gets one.
  • Do or Die – If you miss three notes in a section (intro, chorus, verse, etc.) you are out until the start of the next section.
  • Elimination – The song is divided depending on length and number of players. 30 seconds or so in, a timer pops up. When it reaches zero the player with the lowest score is cut, and the last man standing wins.
  • Pro Face-Off – A classic head- to-head score battle.

An interesting selection of game modes, which can also be queued up in a playlist to create a tournament scenario. Watch this video to get a better idea of each of the game modes.

Source: 1UP