Goodbye To The 360 Pro?

It is beginning to look like the end of 2009 is not a good time to be an existing console with a HDD size in the double-digit GB range. A couple of days ago we reported on how the 80GB PS3 was becoming an endangered species in its native habitat, Japan.  That follows the bundling deals that it has been subject to in the US in recent months.

Now it seems that the 60GB Xbox 360 Pro is joining its double-digit PS3 relation onto the lists of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) in danger of disappearing from store shelves.  Rumours of its threatened status have been around for a couple of months now, but Kotaku seem to have the first confirmation with this picture:


Pro-less 360 Arcade

The box on the left is what the 360 Arcade packaging has looked like for a while.  The box on the right is and Arcade 360 recently entered into stock at GameStop in the US.  Notice how instead of comparing the features of the Arcade, Pro and Elite, it compares just the Arcade and Elite 360s.

That’s highly suggestive of the Pro being removed from sale.  That would make sense as it would be cheaper for Microsoft to maintain a smaller range of consoles and as they, like Sony, begin to focus more on downloadable content, smaller hard drives make less sense.  We would also join in with Kotaku’s speculation that the Elite will drop to the Pro’s price point and Microsoft will use it as a counter to any imminent news from Sony regarding new console SKUs.