The Great LBP GotY Mystery

Imagine working in a publishers marketing department, sitting in meetings and discussing tactics on the best way to launch a new product. Do you do  a viral web campaign, maybe developer diaries or the good old fashioned great big press event? Decisions, decisions but it doesn’t really matter as an online retailer will probably leak the cover art and give the whole game up anyway.

LittleBigPlanet is getting a ‘Game of the Year Edition’ later this year and the rumours have all been about what content will be included on the disk, will it be some new story mode levels from Media Molecule, new level packs, top rated community levels, or even the best of the premium costumes released so far? Well that still isn’t known but what we do know is that the release will include $30 of additional content thanks to a slip up by some eager young apprentice over at who hit the upload button a bit prematurely.


The listing on Amazon’s US site has now been removed, and a quick search of the UK, German and French site also turns up a blank, but to prove that it did exist take a look at the piccy below, and let us know in the comments below what you’d like to see included in the Game of The Year edition.

Source: Kotaku, thanks Erroneus.