Borderlands Is Bigger Than We Thought

Remember a short while back we brought you news that Gearbox’s RPG layered FPS would have somewhere in the region of 3 million guns, well we were wrong. I know, it does happen from time to time. There are those of you sitting there now thinking; “Ah! I knew there couldn’t be that many,” well stop being so smug. We may have been off the mark, by quite a bit actually, as Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford reveals that “the last count was like 17,750,000,” which is simply a ridiculous amount of weapons.

“Just thinking about shotguns we had thousands of permutations on a whiteboard. All the development teams in the world added together can’t build that many guns, because there are more guns in Borderlands than all the shooters on the PS3 and 360 added together. We had to build software to do it for us, so we built a procedural generation system that built all these guns.”


In his interview with CVG, he mentions that by following the story based missions the game is roughly a “15 hour experience,” however, “there’s about 120 non-missions chains, so that’s where the more RPG guy can get immersed and just do everything.”  This is a title that is beginning to speed up the hype train pretty quickly. With four player co-op, a wealth of RPG elements layered on top of a unique and charming art styled FPS, this could turn out to be one of the sleeping hits of the year.

Source: CVG, tip: Person678