Uncharted Gets Second Beta Next Month

I was fortunate enough to get an invite to play the first Uncharted 2 beta, which I did for all of about an hour.  Truth is, I didn’t like it – Drake’s movement, when shoehorned into a quick fire multiplayer shoot-em-up, seemed spasmodic and fractured, and the game as a whole didn’t flow well with me. It didn’t help that I got shot continuously from the other side of the map, too, but I’ll chalk that one down to only starting to play on the second day of the beta.

Still, there’s plenty of scope for Naughty Dog to pull something amazing out of the bag, and as if to prove such a point there’s going to be a second beta, which will start on the 15th of September and run through to the 12th of October.  This new tester for the game will feature more modes, more maps and hopefully more players of a lower skill level so I’m tempted to have another dip in the Uncharted waters when it rolls around.  You want to get in?  You’ll need to pre-order.

Source: play, tip: Wookie502.