NXE Update Goes Live

The Summer 09 update to the XBox 360’s NXE dashboard-menu-system (what are we supposed to call it these days?) is rolling out this morning. Apparently it is already live for a lot of people but everyone else will be able to download it by the early afternoon.

This is the update which brings the first wave of Games on Demand (priced, amusingly, at £19.99) and the Avatar Marketplace with an ironically named section called “recessionista” which is kind of like saying “We know you’re broke but buy this virtual hat!”


In other rumours: Apparently this update optimises the way some game installs get laid out on the hard disk, reducing file sizes and allowing you to free up some space on that hard disk for the 5Gb Games on Demand. It might be worth uninstalling and re-installing your games to see if it gives you some extra space.

Update: My NXE won’t update me yet but Liam (FruitofDoom) got his this morning and has sent me some images and a few little points he’s noticed.

He notes the “awards” section under Achievements which is where special awards for certain in-game achievements will be on display. There is also an Achievements progress tab which shows which games he has hit 100% on. Liam says it all seems a little bit quicker and smoother, with reconnection to a party after a disconnect taking only a couple of seconds. See his photographs below for some visual stimulation, including an image of the rating system and the Avatar Marketplace.