Doom II Unleashes Hell On XBLA

I’ve played through Doom, Doom II and every bloody add on ad infinitum, but that won’t stop me buying Doom II when it lands on Xbox Live Arcade shortly.  Why?  Because it’s timeless, infinitely superior to most of the FPS me-too junk that pollutes store shelves this generation and is endlessly replayable.  I bought Doom the second it landed on XBLA the first time around and chances are I’ll be there day one with the sequel.


Doom II was announced at QuakeCon (there’ll be more news from that later today) by id, and although there was no release date given we assume that the title, ported again by Nerve Software, will land pretty soon although we’d presumably need to wait until the current Summer of Arcade is over.  It’ll be the regular Doom II, mind, not one of the recent ports with flashy graphics and unnecessary mouse-look bolted on, but we’re told there’ll be an extra episode added along with splitscreen multiplayer.

Can’t wait.

Via Shacknews.