Fat Princess Ninjas?

We all love Fat Princess, right? As you can see in our review, we were full of praise for the multiplayer cake-a-thon and the guys at Sony even repaid our praise with a quote from TSA in a promotional email.


Well now, Titan Studios has revealed a glimpse into the future for the game, by posting a picture of ninja characters on their blog. Entitled “Check it!” the image simply shows two concept drawings of ninja characters carrying swords and some sort of star-like weapon. With no description or confirmation of what these characters will entail, we can’t really be sure as to what their use will be within the game.

However, Titan studios have always said they would support the game after release with updates and DLC, so perhaps we could see a new class of Ninja fighters to go alongside the already wide range of characters in the PSN exclusive title.

As always, as soon as we have more information we will let you know so check TSA for further news on Fat Princess.

Via Joystiq