GamesCom: Konami Conference Round-up

Having been impressed with Sony, greatly dissapointed with Microsoft and witnessed a strong showing by EA, it was now time for Konami to take centerstage with their press conference – allbeit 20 minutes late.

The Tower of Shadow – Recently shown in Famitsu but the first trailer is very ICO-like. Involving plenty of platformer, puzzles and of course, jumping, you guide a boy’s shadow through a tower. Expected sometime in 2010 for the Wii.


Axel de Rouge takes stage to talk about Krazy Kart, which will be the definitive kart racer on the iPhone. It will include up to six kart multiplayer.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for the Wii. Plenty of flashlight driven gameplay, lots of beats, lots of waggle.

What’s this? Well hello Kojima. Fancy seeing you here. He goes on to announce…his love for Germany’s “awesome sausages” and beer, before discussing a bit more about MGS: Peace Walker. It was made for the PSP because that’s how people play games these days, being on the move all the time, portable platforms are becoming more and more popular. He shows off some of the co-op multiplayer which will require a similar type of teamwork for the stealth missions as to that of the PSP blockbuster Monster Hunter. A trailer demonstrating the co-op was shown which will hopefully make its way to the interwebs later today.

Dave Cox then talks a little bit about Castlevania: Lords of the Shadow. “Masks play a very important role in the new Castlevania.” He says how the game must have high production values but must also be accessible to everyone, but ensures that “this isn’t a rehash,  this is a rebirth”. After mentioning the developers, Mercury Studios, he goes on to say that “having Hideo Kojima as your boss mean you damn well better deliver” before showing off a new and extended trailer. A rundown of the voice cast includes, Robert Carlysle and Patrick Stewart, with a release date in 2010 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Now onto PES 2010 with Shingo Takatsuka, producer from PES Productions. Opening with some German – which was appreciated by the hosts – “Listening, learning and improving” are the core concepts in designing PES 2010. Full 360 degree movement has been added to PES 2010 which means bye-bye to the eight-directional control. Release dates are late October for PS3, Xbox 360, November 9th for PS2, PSP and Wii.

This brings an end to the Konami press conference.