GRIN Leave Behind One Final Surprise

It’s always a shame when a developer closes its doors, even when they are responsible for risible trash like Terminator: Salvation.  Still, when people lose their jobs tongues start wagging, and rumours are now circulating that one of GRIN’s unfinished titles was actually for Square Enix, and would have been a Final Fantasy branded game.  Destructoid have linked the developer’s snippets of information to Fortress, a game based in the world of Final Fantasy XII.

The savour of all bloggers looking for a ‘scoop’, SuperAnnuation, with their unearthly ability to dig up all kinds of stuff, are the real source of this.  The guy’s managed to find portfolios of GRIN developers that give considerable weight to claims linking Fortress with GRIN, and whilst one such online resume is down, the other is still up and rather revealing.  The biggest story though is that Square Enix apparently gave GRIN upwards of a few million dollars to work on the project.

There’s more here, too.

Tip: fogcity94, via Destructoid.