GT 5 Out Shortly After GT PSP

In an interview hosted on DailyMotion (in French) Polyphony’s Kaz Yamauchi speaks about Gran Turismo 5 and Gamescom. When asked why there hasn’t been much news about the game, Kaz says that he’s “just thankful that so many people are interested in Gran Turismo 5” and that they are “are doing everything to make the game come out soon.”  Naturally the guys are hard at work making sure GT PSP makes it out for October 1st (and remember there’s still time for a last minute delay) but he did confirm that Gran Turismo 5 “should be out shortly after that date”.

Regarding damage (and the rather inconsistent modeling at Gamescom) Kaz says that the version of the game he brought to the Gamescom “marks the first step of what we are trying to do with the damage” and that gamers “can finally see that much damage appear on the bodywork.”  But it’s not the final damage system – “we’re interested to know how far the players want to go,” says Yamauchi-san. “The damage already has repercussions on the steering but beware, it should not affect all vehicles in the game.” This reinforces what we said earlier in the week about the number of cars that can be damaged.


Some people have speculated that Sony were going to do a big GT 5 feature as part of the press conference but it was pulled at the eleventh hour to make way for other surprises.  We’ll have to keen an eye on TGS, then.