Killzone 3: It’s All in The Eyes

Spoiler Alert – This article contains spoilers for those who have not completed the Killzone 2 campaign.

Personally I think Killzone 2 is one of the (if not the) best games ever. It has some of the most memorable set pieces and the feel of the game nails it for me. I love the clunky controls and the need for precision aiming by thinking about your positioning rather than “twitch shooting”. The cut scenes also stand out amongst the usual FPS fare, with the introduction being such a great build up to the game, from Visari’s speech to the ships using their thrusters to swing about and position for a missile launch on Helghan vessels.  There is something very suspicious and perhaps suggestive about Visari’s speech though. Watching the opening cut scene in high definition allows you to see that Visari has green eyes. Not really suspicious as of yet but then at the end of the game when you kill Visari, he gets right into Rico’s face and begins with “you have not won…”.

Well, looking closely at his eyes just then reveals that they are indeed brown! That raises many questions.

One theory I have is that Visari was very much into looking good during speeches and has always wanted green eyes to go with his pale skin. He simply didn’t have time to put his contacts lenses in when bursting into his palace and he suffered knowing he would die without looking as good as he had hoped for. Another theory and one that is more likely to be more accurate is that the Visari that Rico kills is not actually Visari but rather a double. It happens all the time where VIP’s will appoint a look-a-like as a double for security reasons. Colonel Radec wasn’t exactly insistent on staying with his leader to protect him from as close as possible. So I like to believe that it indeed was not the real Visari and though Helghast maybe told that Visari has been killed by ISA forces, this will simply lead to the Helghast being more determined for revenge and to “write the history of these days in the blood of their enemy”.

This does actually make sense as right at the end when Sev sits down at the palace entrance with a massive Helghast force deploying just as he does so. Maybe the real Visari is on one of those ships and is due to land on Helghan, his double dying to buy the Helghast a little time whilst the real Visari brings back re-enforcements. Maybe the whole thing is a mistake by Guerrilla Games in the graphics department, which is unlikely as the rest of the game was so well polished and they spent four years in developing it. Personally I think the whole thing from the suspicions raised to the re-enforcements arriving screams the real Visari creating a much harder battle for the ISA in Killzone 3. ISA are now on enemy soil with little support and Rico is going to need buckets of coffee and a truck full of luck to win this war.

One thing is certain though: Killzone just keeps getting deeper and better for it.

Prompted by NeoGAF, Pics by djhsecondnature