Battletanks Hitting PSN This Week?

You remember Battletanks, right? It’s that hotly anticipated, ground breaking new shooter that’s set to redefine what we think possible on the PSN.  Well, it might be, but we’re guessing that Gameloft’s top-down World War II tank battler isn’t really going to set the world alight delight looking perfectly functional (and in nice shiny 1080p, despite our dodgy screenshots).

We’re told that the game puts you in control of a tank and lets you challenge friends and online opponents in over 50 levels of bullet bouncing action. Play in the single player campaign mode, two players co-operatively or the three multiplayer battle modes – Death Match, Team Death Match and Capture the Flag – for ultimate tank supremacy.

Regardless, according to the UK PlayStation site it’s out August, which essentially just leaves tomorrow.

Thanks, Hodgi92, Zuler.