Lost Planet 2 Developer Chat

Despite the title not arriving on PS3 & 360 until sometime early 2010, Xbox Live gold subscribers already got the chance to try out the demo for Capcom’s Lost Planet 2 last week. US Playstation Blog’s Chris Morell got the chance to chat to Capcom’s Chris Kramer at Gamescom about Lost Planet 2, to discuss how the PS3 version was doing.

In the interview below Kramer talks about some of the issues surrounding the original and late arriving PS3 version of Lost Planet, explaining that it was one of Capcom’s first titles on the system and since then they “have definitely got a lock on the system” highlighting titles like Street Fighter IV & Resident Evil 5 as proof that Capcom have got to grips with the platform. On the subject of Resi 5 Kramer states that is was essentially running on v1.50 of the MT Framework (Capcom’s own cross-platform engine) and that Lost Planet 2 is running on v2.0 which has seen the engine rebuilt, made stronger and bigger and can really utilise the strengths of PS3 (we’re assuming that the Xbox version works perfectly as standard)

In my opinion Capcom certainly look to have done a great job as this looks to have some of the best graphics ever seen, if you don’t believe me take a look: