PS3 Slims Arrive, Are “Whisper Quiet”

I’ve been a (relatively) happy PlayStation 3 owner since midnight, launch day. I’ve never had any real reason to complain and my original 60GB (upgraded to 160GB) machine is still running just as well as it did on day one – yes, it’s noisy as hell and gets red hot, but it’s still going strong, happily plays most PS2 games and has all the ports I’ll ever need shoved on the front.

However, after getting a few emails in last night and this morning from folk that have already taken delivery of the new slimline PS3, I’m already starting to want to trade up for one. Anecdotal evidence is that the new machine is “whisper quiet” which is especially useful for movies and as most men of ‘a certain age’ know all too well, new gadgets, and even new versions of old gadgets, are practically a must have.

It’s not really a money issue, I can take in the 60GB fatty into GAME, shove a few old games their way and walk out with one, but the thought of having to de-activate my current console, back up everything on there (I’m currently using about 140GB) and then transfer it over just to have some piece of mind and the option to not have my sound system on full is weighing on my mind. Oh, what to do…?

Speaking of GAME, we had an email in last night from someone claiming a rep at a certain store in the UK was pushing one particular feature of the PS3 Slim we didn’t know about: that it’s 5% faster than the old model. Seriously. Next they’ll be claiming that the DSi has a camera, or something equally ridiculous. So, what’s everyone’s thoughts on the upgrade process now that they’re in the wild?

Seen one? Felt one? Want one?