EA, Sony Respond To Cross-Game Chat Rumours

Earlier this morning we reported on ‘news’ that EA were allegedly, at some point, planning to cut off their PS3 development and throw their toys out of the pram over something as trivial as cross-game chat, all perpetuated by someone claiming to have insider information and choosing to publish said information on an internet message board.  From there, the Sony Defense Force sprang into action and flooded EA’s forums, prompting copy-cat messages across the official PlayStation forums later in the morning.

Both Electronic Arts and Sony have since responded, to Kokatu, with Jeff Brown, EA’s vice president of corporate communication saying “not no-how, not no-way did that ever happen. This is a total fabrication – total nonsense. We think voice chat is an extremely cool feature and added it to Madden/ PS3,” adding, “we support cross-game voice on other systems and would be happy to do that on any console.”  Sony’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications, Patrick Seybold, said that “this is rumor and frankly not true. ”


Indeed, so-called insider super_secret has himself responded to the whole affair with claims that it wasn’t him that used that account on N4G to start the rumours in the first place, which, in my opinion, should be prompting far more serious questions…