PS3 vs Xbox 360 Price War: Five Years On

Most sites try to fan the fanboy flames of constantly comparing PS3 graphics to Xbox 360 graphics. “Oh my golly gosh! Would you look at that colour! It’s darker on the 360! PS3 sucks at shading! No mate, we beat you in the console war.” Before you know it, it’s a football-styled debate, where the name of the console you own is replaced with “we”, and if you don’t support the other brand/team, you’re an outcast. Not on TSA, thanks. So what’s the problem? We’re comparing prices, that’s what.

We’ve been running a few stories on price tags over the last couple of days, and with all the price changes lately, it may be difficult to see what the actual price is for the console that you’re intending of buying. I’m not just talking about the system, I’m talking about the additional hardware accessories too. For instance, PS3 doesn’t come with a free headset, yet the Xbox 360 Elite does. This post is to find which console is the better deal if you were to pick up the same accessories for each console. Note that I’ve taken the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) for these items, and it’s likely that the cost will vary in your local or online store.

If you haven’t been sneaky and scrolled down already, you’ll want to know that I’ve taken into account that the HDMI cable is being pulled from the Elite version of the Xbox 360, making both consoles even on that ground. They both have a built in 120GB hard drive too, so that’s a factor left out the equation here. Anything equal isn’t needed to compare. The PS3 here is the new PS3 Slim, and some prices aren’t being introduced until September 2009.



So if you’re a mum at Christmas 2009, how likely are you to know about online play, headsets and how each controller charges? You don’t. Back in the days of the PS1, my parents bought me a beautiful grey box full of magic. Their reasoning over the N64? Price and games. Asking them today, they told me that they would see the Xbox on the shelf, and buy that over the PS3. The initial tag is still cheaper. They then went on to tell me they’d actually buy a Wii, as it was even cheaper, and they wouldn’t have wanted to let a child loose playing with strangers online.

Ignoring every other software and additional accessories such as controllers, cameras and keyboards for each console, here’s how the above table looks if you take into account five years.


It’s at this point where you realise where Microsoft are getting their advertising funds from. Xbox Live will have eaten up around £200 of gamers / gamers’ mums’ money by next year. As Joystiq reported earlier this year, over half the online community on the Xbox 360 are gaming online with Gold. 9.5 million users equals nearly £400 million every single year.

Hopefully this has helped throw some light on the new pricing of the PS3 and Xbox 360. Despite having hidden costs, the Xbox 360 will still favour among parents due to its initial low price. Let’s just make it clear that the excuse for the PS3 ‘sucking’ because of its price should silence fanboys. The pricing of each system has its highs and lows, so now that you’re aware of them, remember to keep it in mind.

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