Firmware 3.0 Kills Uncharted?

Anecdotal evidence overnight suggests the sparkles are killing Drake, with Firmware 3.0 causing frequent crashing on one of the PS3’s best games. This doesn’t appear to be isolated cases, with complaints of the game freezing, running slower and generally not being very nice on both ‘fat’ models and the new PS3 Slim since the update.  From NeoGAF to GameFAQs via the official PlayStation forums, dozens of gamers are frustrated at what appears to be Firmware 3.0 playing havoc with Naughty Dog’s third person adventure classic.  “Booted up the PS3 this morning to play some Uncharted and the game freezes 5 minutes in. Odd but no big deal right? Restart it and same damn thing!” says one member of NeoGAF, and members on GameFAQs have similar stories: “I came back and installed the new update, and now I can only play a few minutes before it freezes.”  Database refreshes, deletion of game installs and new disks don’t seem to solve the issue, although they don’t appear to affect everyone.

Let’s hope Naughty Dog see fit to issue a patch to Uncharted to solve this freezing, which does appear to be the only title affected just now, or better still Sony bring out firmware 3.01 that fixes everything that’s wrong with the damned update.