Trine Stuck In QA Limbo

If you’re still desperate for the £17 PSN game Trine, perhaps it’s time to find another dream to cling to, because the Finnish developers are claiming that the game, despite being ‘done’ from their point of view, is “stuck in the technical quality testing stuff”.  Speaking to GameSetWatch, Frozenbyte confirmed that whilst the PS3 version of the game was up and running in just over a month it’s not quite as simple as getting the game out there on the PC.  “On consoles it takes weeks,” said Frozenbyte, “even months if the game gets stuck in the technical quality testing stuff. It’s not anybody’s fault really, and it guarantees a better end product, but the time it takes can be frustrating.”

“With Trine, there have been a few small bugs that we had to fix, and the testing process itself has taken quite some time, as Trine isn’t the easiest game to test due to the physics and unlimited gameplay possibilities. I think we are waiting for the PSN release just as much as gamers out there, it is our first console game after all and it’s going to be very exciting to see it available on PSN… the wait is killing me too!”  If you have a reasonably decent PC, you can grab the demo of Trine here and try it for yourself, and see whether or not it really is as good as some people are describing it to be.  “There hasn’t been any major hurdles,” said the team. “We’ve also been really happy about the support and feedback Sony has given us.”


Thanks, Erroneus.