EchoChrome Sequel Explained

Echochrome was a cool, niche little puzzler that never really set the world on fire, but sssh, don’t tell Sony, they’re still pushing the Echochrome brand out there and they’re hoping this new PSP exclusive will add a little spark to the formula. Essentially, the action is now 2D, with the rough translation of the game being “Time Limit Corridors” (as opposed to the Japanese original being dubbed “Unending Corridors”) which tells us a little about the game. In a similar fashion to certain parts of Braid, in this new game you must complete levels by working with past ‘echoes’ of yourself, known as ghosts.


When you run out of time in a stage, the clock restarts but this time a ghost of what you did last can be seen during your next playthrough, thus giving you lots of (up to nine) characters on screen, if you will, although only one is controllable per time span. In the example given by Sony, you have to cross a series of gaps in a bridge, and the gaps can be filled in pressing a button on the level below – so, make your first run through character stand on the buttons and imagine the time required for your second run through to get across the gap, before moving on to the next button.

The game will be released in Japan in November, priced at ¥3,980 for the UMD and ¥2,800 for the download.

Via AndriaSang.