Fat Princess Lands In New Pork

Yes, that’s New Pork, yet another food-based play on words but more significantly used to signal the onset of new levels to everyone’s favourite 32 player cake-em-up, Fat Princess. “Due to the tremendous success of Fat Princess on PSN”, says the studio, “we are pleased to announce a host of new content for you, our loyal fans.” Oh good, that means it’ll be free right? Right? “Today at PAX we spilled the beans on New Pork, an awesome new city-themed level. New Pork offers an exciting array of strategies to slice and dice your way to victory. Use multiple sewer shortcuts to sneak up behind your enemies, blow up barricades to open up new routes of assault and defend your princess from the rooftops.”


We’re told that New Pork is just the beginning of a wave of additional DLC for Fat Princess, and will update us as and when they have new information to share.

Thanks, radiobridge.