Ratchet And Clank Videos

There reaches a point in time after any piece of news has been discovered where you realise that, whilst the news is something worth telling, you’ve been so delayed in actually telling it that you wonder if you should even tell it at all. Do you want to post it late and look like you’re behind with the times and let people know? Or do you want to just hope that everyone has spotted it elsewhere?

I found myself in this very position today when I realised that, whilst I knew of a new piece of Ratchet and Clank news on Wednesday night, I’ve been so busy in the time being that I’ve been unable to actually write it up. As it’s now a few days later, do I or don’t I tell you? Well, luckily for me, another piece of Ratchet news has presented itself and so with it, I can bundle the two together in a slick package so that nobody will ever know! Well, except those of you who just read the last two paragraphs which I would imagine would be most as simply skipping to the third paragraph of an article would be a weird thing to do.


Insomniac have recently revealed in a tweet that they are 100% focused on singleplayer in the upcoming Ratchet and Clank. Sorry to those of you who were hoping for some co-op or online multiplayer but unless you, like the judges on the X Factor, seem to believe in things like 150%, it’s not going to happen. The efforts are spent. Personally, I’m pleased with announcement. The story in A Crack in Time is all about the two characters being separated and alone as they try to reunite themselves with each other. Whilst I can accept Azimuth and other such characters will join you here and there, co-op would feel forced and I would be very unimpressed if some person started intruding into the experience. “Excuse me! I’m trying to have an emotional journey here! Leave me alone!”

Two new videos have also appeared over the last few days. The first is a cinematic for, what looks like, the opening of the game and the other is a trailer focusing on Ratchet’s weaponry. The trailer reveals that the next mammal to receive the morph-gun treatment will be our good cousins, the monkeys. In the trailer you can see the monkeys, a returning Groovetron and the RYNO V which, in one word, looks badass. Usually I’m not a fan of the word “badass” (or “awesome” for that matter. Very overused and Americanised) but since watching Wanted the other night, it’s a word I’ve realised you simply can’t afford to miss out on when describing something as fantastically aggressive and cool as the RYNO V or Wesley Gibson storming a building full of super assassins. Enough of that though, here’s the trailer. If you want the cinematic, you’ll have to click this link.