250GB Slim Out Soon?

Even before the PS3 Slim was launched we brought you the news that there may be a 250GB model on the cards, that story came about from information filed with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) the US regulator which has to ‘sign off’ all electronic devices to make sure they don’t cause interference amongst other things. We didn’t know then when any future upgraded SKU would be out or even if it would see the light of day outside the US, but some new information uncovered by Eurogamer’s Spanish site seems to suggest that it could be out soon.

They are reporting that a new bundle featuring a 250GB PS3 Slim and a copy FIFA 10 will hit the shelves as soon as October for €350 (a fraction over £300) but will be exclusive to GAME, Europes biggest gaming retailer, it is not known if it’s the FIFA bundle which is exclusive, or if it’s the whole 250GB SKU that only GAME will be able to sell, but with Sony Europe declining to comment rather than denying it may lead many to believe at least some of this is true.

Sales of the newly launched PS3 Slim have been nothing short of astronomical, but if news of yet another new model filters in to the mainstream sales could actually be hindered as people choose to wait and see so it may be in Sony’s interest that something official is announced sooner rather than later. Though I will predict that any suggestions that the increased HDD space is reserved for even bigger grey boxes on the XMB are wide of the mark.


Wow! This rumour is now taking on a life of its own, as an unnamed but trusted retail source has told Eurogamer.net that the UK will see a range of 250GB bundles featuring either Assassin’s Creed 2, Uncharted 2 or Gran Turismo 5 retailing at £299.99 these will start to appear in the shops at the time of each game’s release starting with Uncharted 2 on October 24th.There are no reports on whether any of these have any exclusivity towards any particular retail like previously mentioned Spanish rumours. I am still of the opinion that this will not help sales of the so far phenomenally successful 120GB SKU, and surely one day Sony will be able to keep a secret about something, maybe?