SingStar Hits Version 4.20

SingStar has just been updated to version 4.20, the biggest batch of new features since the game hit the shelves. In short, there’s SingStar Clubs, online player profile badges, indication of players’ online status, display of players’ status on the Friends list, context sensitive menus and an options menu update. Clubs is the main thing in the update – you can join any existing Club and then share media and hi-scores, post on the Club’s private message board and generally do the whole MySpace thing from within the comforts of the gorgeous SingStar interface.

You can also create your own Clubs (we’ll have a TheSixthAxis one up soon) with a logo (from either the camera or from your hard drive), messages, nationality and loads of settings. There’s also a full invite system, too. The context sensitive system is pretty cool – you can press Triangle now on songs and from there you can opt to see the charts and you can use it to delete old media.


The coolest thing, though, is that the Video Editor is now available. It’s just 2MB (presumably an unlock key given the size of the actual update) which enables basic but fun editing of your music videos and then, obviously, the option to upload them once you’re done. There’s a few effects but whilst you’re limited to just one at once this is a really cool feature and, as if you didn’t know this before, concretes SingStar as the party game across all the consoles. Great work, guys, that’s one hell of an update and we’re really appreciative that everything’s free of charge.

Thanks to Tntnnbltn for some clarification.