Free MMO Hits PlayStation 3 Next Week

Angel Senki is a free-to-play item-based role player from Q Entertainment, and will hit the Japanese PS3 Store next week.  The PS3 port (there’s already a PC version) will allow players to log in using their PSN account details, which then gets linked up to Q Entertainment’s online website.  Angel Senki on the PS3 sports a new controller-friendly interface with much better item select, with the company aiming to make money via online purchases.

Q’s previous venture into the world of item-based RPGs was AngelLoveOnline, which took over 120,000 downloads.


Sony clearly sees the free MMO market as a vitally important one, with the company’s Senior Vice President Kirita Tomiwa attending the announcement of Angel Senki personally. AndriaSang reports that Tomiwa gave thanks to Q Entertainment for increases the PlayStation Network user count with their previous game and said that he’s looking forward to the start of Angel Senki’s service.  We’ll get some screens once it goes live.

Source: 4Gamer, Via AndriaSang.