Polyphony Confirm GT 5’s Head Tracking

Back on the 18th of August we uncovered a feature list on the Japanese Gran Turismo site that included the number of cars, mention of damage modeling and of what appeared to be head tracking. Yesterday, after nearly a month, this news started to appear on other sites, including Eurogamer, prompting you guys to flood us with tips.  So, we thought we’d better take another look.  As we said back then, “via the PlayStation Eye the game will move the cockpit camera… it’s possible to check the interior of the car in full 3D” but we weren’t 100% sure of the exact translation – turns out we were right.


We now know that the head tracking option will be limited to the internal cockpit view in the game – which makes the most sense – you won’t be able to use this new feature to look around the exterior of your car, for example.  Somehow, presumably employing some kind of black magic, the guys at Polyphony are using facial feature recognition to track the movement of your head which in turn adjusts the camera inside the game, meaning you can look up to view the top of your car (and the rear view mirror) or look left and right as you pass your opponents with a hearty smile and a middle finger.

Sounds good, right?  You’re excited to be able to use this feature to look ahead to the next apex, to plan your corners and keep an eye on the tachometer?  Well, next time you’re in your real life car, try it – do you find yourself moving your head a lot, or just your eyes?  A quick test in my faithful SIII tempts me to think I look with my eyes, not my head, especially for split second decisions, and of course we don’t currently know for sure whether the game will track the movement of your eyes.  If existing PlayStation Eye tech is what we’re going to base this off, I’d say no, but hey, maybe in a month’s time we’ll finally get proper confirmation of this…