Sony’s Facial Recognition Software

The PlayStation Eye is starting to become a massive part of our gaming future, and so it should be. First the head tracking in GT5 and now full, multiple, facial recognition. This video comes from CEDEC 2009 and highlights the opportunities available to developers in future. The PSEye easily recognises and follows any face placed in front of the camera allowing all sorts of characters etc to be overlaid, including cows for when Chris gets that drunk. The tracking and overlaying has been widely available for use in many webcams but the multiple face recognition and ability to determine orientation, gender and expression is a big leap forward for Sony.

Named Vision Library, this augmented reality could become the norm in future games. Imagine entering the room to be greeted by an oh-so-sexy voice asking which game you would like to play. No need to push her buttons either because soon voice recognition through the PSEye/Mic will be widely available to developers as well (video here). So, with facial and voice recognition and the PS Wand somewhere down the line, could our nights consist of shouting, winking and waggling at the PS3 to get our fill of the next next-gen games?