Fat Princess Getting New “Secret Stuff”

We’ve mentioned New Pork before, the new city-themed level for Fat Princess, but during PAX developers Titan talked about it in much more depth, mentioning that New Pork won’t be the only new piece of DLC their working on.  New Pork will feature a number of new gameplay mechanics, including barricades which the team must work together to get through, lots more elevated positions (great for archers) and many more ways to teleport around the city.


New Pork also features team-controlled doors around the map, not just at the bases.  Titan have also been working on another patch for the game which is due soon, with “lots of stuff” fixed including some class balancing and tweaks – the warrior will be a little less powerful now.  Also promised are fixes to the team switching, an adjusted ranking system (getting rid of the daft 10 game system) and lots of secret stuff that the developers aren’t yet allowed to talk about.

Thanks, billsmugs.