Gran Turismo PSP Requires FW 6.00

Late last week a few lucky websites got hold of the final version of Gran Turismo PSP by way of a voucher code for the PlayStation Store. Sadly, as far as we know this was only sites under the SCE America umbrella, and our request for a sniff went unanswered (TSA pinging SCEA, TSA pinging SCEA). Fortunately, any NDAs on the download appear to be limited to just reviews, so some people are already discussing some of the finer points of what promises to be one hell of a game when it launches for real in just under three weeks.

Firstly, the download comes in at under a gigabyte – 937MB to be precise, which is nice and compact given the sheer amount of cars and tracks available on there. Oddly, there doesn’t appear to be any specifically structured ‘career mode’, but everything you do in the game (apart from time trial) is rewarded allowing you to earn credits and status so that just playing through each track bumps up your ability to buy new cars, which we think works better on a portable format.


To satisfy anyone looking for something a little more hardcore, there’s 102 Challenge Mode events too, which work like license tests.

Finally, we’ve heard that Gran Turismo PSP requires the latest PSP firmware, which is now 6.00, which will hopefully put a stop to those using custom firmware to get around actually paying for their PSP games. Rest assured that GT PSP still has all the tuning and tweaking that Gran Turismo fans are used to, but manages to compact everything down to create what appears to be the perfect portable racing title and will be absolutely worth your money. As soon as we’re able to get our grubby mitts on a code, we’ll be all over it and hopefully in time for the review.

This could be massive.