First PS3 Motion Control Game Revealed

We know the technology exists, and we know games developers are working on titles but up until now, only Natal games have been mentioned in the press. At last, the first game to use PS3 motion control has leaked out. EA Sports “Grand Slam Tennis”, which originally debuted on the Wii, has been in development for the PS3 and Xbox for some time but was mysteriously delayed back in August – and now we know why.

EA Sports boss Peter Moore claims that Wii MotionPlus had “ruined” tennis games on standard controllers for him and the decision has been made to hold back both the Xbox and PS3 version until Natal and PS3 ‘Glowing Ball Stick’ have been released. That would mean a spring 2010 release for the Playstation version whilst Xbox owners will have to wait until later that year. Grand Slam Tennis has ‘generally favourable reviews’ with a score of 78 on Metacritic.

Source : VG247