Star Ocean Jumps Ship To PS3

Rumours of the Star Ocean series floating back to the Playstation have been circulating since the start of the year and now it has been confirmed. “Star Ocean: The Last Hope International” splashes down in Japan on February 4th 2010, priced at around $90. The exciting news for European PS3 gamers is the “International” part of the title as the game will now come with both Japanese and English voice acting options.

SquareEnix have made no mention of U.S. or European PS3 versions but with the English language option already in place a stateside release seems at least plausible.


Star Ocean will also be getting a few tweaks as it sails between ports, with the PS3 version getting revamped menu screens and an enhanced battle system that includes auto-targeting. When the original Xbox version was released a key feature was “amazing graphics and visual effects only possible on Xbox 360”. No news if the PS3 version is going to lack some of these amazing graphics or they were just telling porkpies at the time and it will be identical.

Take a guess.

Star Ocean has never been listed by Square Enix as ‘Exclusive’ to Xbox, saying recently “We can say that it will be released first [on the Xbox 360]. Whether we’ll release it on the PS3 is undecided. We may release it, we may not.”

Source : Kotaku