Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Details

Speaking in LA on Wednesday, Robert Bowling & Co not only revealed the new Xbox 360 bundle but also elaborated on the noticeable features seen in the latest Modern Warfare 2 gameplay.

Firstly, the addition of Call Signs is to allow users to, “show off how cool you are, make yourself famous,” Infinity Ward’s lead multiplayer designer Todd Alderman explained. Each player can unlock new and exciting (maybe) emblems. Alderman also added, “The way you play is the more things you do, the more things you’re going to unlock for that thing.” What does that confusing ramble mean? I’m thinking, your emblem entirely reflects your playing style. So a run and gunner gets an emblem containing some sort of rash decision while someone like Peter who never plays online gets a gold star for trying. The more you concentrate on one style, the more you will unlock for you emblem. Bowling also tells us that these Call Signs will play a bigger role once the game has been fully release.


Now we move on to kill streaks – the envy of all those “nwbs you be pwning.” Kill streaks will no be customisable, also to perhaps suit your style more. Players will be given a default set from the beginning but I assume you can unlock more as you progress. UAV remains at 3 kills, while the Care Package has joined us at 4. This allows players to signal a drop off point for a helicopter to deliver the package. What’s in the package? It could be another, random, kill streak or simply more ammo. The choice isn’t yours. 5 kills nicely secures you a Predator Missile attack, which provides you with a remote controller missile assault. These are just a selection of the available killing-rewards but Infinity Ward assures us, the public, that there are many other options.

Some pictures of the Call Signs and Kill Streaks at work:

And a somewhat low-res video of the multiplayer in fully fledged action:

Could these additions reinvent the way we play online again or should IW be focusing on the more important things, like more guns and realism?

Source: MTV Multiplayer