Trophy World 17/09/09


Hello again my dear TSA members! This week saw a few more trophy lists than last week, especially a few big hitters coming out later in the year. The lists for this week are:

Highlights of this week are certainly Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, FIFA 10 and .detuned. I must say though, I am a bit disappointed with Uncharted 2’s trophy list, essentially because it pretty much is the same list as the first game. A few of the trophies have changed their requirements to become a bit harder, and there are two new multiplayer trophies for completing one game of co-op and competitive multiplayer respectively, though beyond that there really isn’t a change, which I’m personally not happy about, mainly because this is one of those few games where you want the list to be creative and original. Anyways, this still should mean the platinum should be achievable for those who beat Crushing last time around.


Next we have FIFA 10, the yearly football franchise from EA. The game features numerous improvements over last year’s edition, including 360 dribbling, improved crossing, heading and corners. It also includes faster load times, and quicker free kicks and referee carding. If you want to know all the details, you can read this post here. Luckily this year’s trophy list doesn’t feature the dreaded Duo-Hedgeidecimal trophy, for which I’ve seen so many threads be created in the forums that I’ve lost count. All in all, the list has similarities to last year’s, but at least EA had the time to make a few new ones. Look for the game on October 2nd, and there is a demo you can download off the store right now.

Lastly we have .detuned. Why is this small, barely known PSN game a highlight of the week? Simple, it pretty much is a clone of Linger in Shadows. For one, the prices of both games should be the exact same when they release, two, they are both games (if you can call them that) from the demoscene genre, and third, both have the same type of trophies, where you can get all of them within 15 minutes. I already know a TSA member, kissablekirst, who’s bought the game from the Japanese store and already gotten 100% on it. So if you’ve bought Linger in Shadows, and want another game like that to boost your trophy score, then this is right up your alley. Sadly, I don’t think it will be coming to the store today, so hope for next week.

Now for some trophy news. Naughty Dog have included a neat feature in Uncharted 2, linking the game to your Twitter account. You can choose what to update your feed with, like when you connect to the multiplayer portion, when you play single-player, oh, and this one takes the cake, you can update your feed to show when you have unlocked a trophy in the game. This in a way elevates the bragging rights of trophies to another level. Imagine a friend who may not be able to beat the game on Crushing, sees that his best friend has already done so! I know I’ll be using this, poor cc_star…

Next we have a game called Spelunker HD, a remake of the NES game of the same name, updated with new graphics and a 6-player online co-op mode. This game was released on the Japanese PSN store a while back, but never got localised. Among games like Trine and WipEout HD, it features a prestigious platinum trophy to attain. Good news for us trophy collectors, the game is getting localised courtesy of Tozai. It may not come to the European store, but those of us with US accounts can grab it off there when it releases.

Finally, my favourite trophy of the week:

Better Than Developers!
Complete Tower of Sarek without any deaths on Very Hard difficulty

I really like how the name foreshadows that this isn’t going to be a cakewalk, and can’t wait to try and unlock it myself when the game comes out later today on the PSN store. Well, that’s it from me then. See you next week guys!

Trophy World is a regular feature written for TheSixthAxis by Zuler.