‘Starhawk’ Entering Next Phase

As we mentioned earlier in the year the team behind PS3 exclusive Warhawk are hard at work on a new project, thought to its sequel, Warhawk is probably my favourite game of all time. Around the same time these rumours leaked Sony trademarked ‘Starhawk’ so it probably doesn’t take a genius to work out that is the project which the new team at Lightbox Interactive are working on. I’m an avid follower on Twitter of Dylan Jobe the Studio Director over at Lightbox and am forever in hope that he’ll make a schoolboy error and let something slip, but unfortunately for me he hasn’t slipped up yet releasing any details at all on the project.

What he has said throughout this early development process is that he’s been meeting regular deadlines for milestone builds to present to Sony’s Santa Monica studios, but last night the team appear to have reached a key point in ‘Starhawks’ early development as he Tweeted “Getting my thoughts in order for next week — Another milestone. It’s really great to see it take shape! But I think the most exciting thing is that we’re going to be starting our focused, internal playtests very soon!! I call them “Hate-Sessions”. It’s when everyone in the studio plays the game and gets to bash on the stuff they don’t like, and we only say the stuff we don’t like. I don’t care about what we’re doing well, only about fixing the bad systems or interactions. I know it may seem odd and overly simple but it works for us.”


Although there’s not too much substantial to go on, I’m practically the most excited person in the world for any news whatsoever on the sequel and am pleased to hear it reach a stage where they can internally play it – rip it to pieces and improve on what they’ve done so far. Once this phase is out the way I’m hoping they let a screenie or even a movie leak and then on to closed beta testing where I hope my ridiculous amount of hours spent in Warhawk don’t go unnoticed, please!