Leaked Memo Shows PS2, Dreamcast Games Coming To PSN

The link’s now dead, but as of this morning it was seemingly possible to download the minutes of a meeting between Sega and SCEA.   In the memo, it’s claimed that “SCEA wants to sell all PS2 titles on PSN” and that Dreamcast games could also be heading the way of the PlayStation Store.

That’s one hell of a megaton right there, folks, if true.

There’s loads of info and leaks in there, most of which we knew, lots of which is purely speculative (nothing is confirmed, this is all just potentially viable) but things like a Motion Controller release date (Spring 2010), news that Sonic Racing could include PS3 characters and potential for a Home Space based on Aliens vs Predator is gold.

And did someone say Resident Evil was coming to PSP?

Source: Objectiv-Sega, via GAF.