Registered For The MAG Beta? Don’t Worry, You’re In.

If you registered for the European MAG Beta but haven’t heard word yet, don’t worry, because Shijima, the European SOCOM & MAG Franchise Producer has confirmed that everyone will get access, and probably by mid-afternoon tomorrow. “I can confirm,” he says, “that everyone in all regions who registered but never received their code will be sent one over the course of tomorrow, probably by 2-3pm UK time. Furthermore, in an effort to try and do a Quantum Leap (put right what once went wrong), we will be sending out codes to the remaining 20,000-odd people who registered. So, if you managed to register on the site before the competition closed, I am told that you WILL get your code tomorrow.”

Excellent news, and great service from the guys running the beta. Barring any network, ISP or email bounce problems that are beyond the control of the team, you should have yours tomorrow if you’re not already MAGging it up.


Thanks, Zuler.