Firmware 3.10 Coming Soon

This morning we picked up on a story from VG247 suggesting cross-game chat would appear in the next firmware update for the PS3.  Well, this afternoon we can reveal that, if our source is to be believed, this is indeed the case – we’ve had a chat with our own source (who wishes to remain anonymous) that has confirmed in principle that the next software update will feature an XMB-based cross game communication tool centred around voice chat.

I can’t repeat everything that’s been said in terms of new features, and certainly can’t say 100% that this is going to happen (so don’t get your hopes up) but if our source is correct, the next firmware will be available in either October or November.  It’s entirely possible that cross-game communication was planned for 3.00 but slipped at the last minute, but let’s hope it makes it out for the next update, eh?  If we get anything else, we’ll pass it on.