News Snatch: Controllers & Adverts

ns5Metal Gear Sold 4 was going to give you an electrical shock if Hideo Kojima has his way. Game’s producer Kenichiro Imaizmu was working on the design of a custom controller for the title.

“We tried running electric shock waves, install a pulse reader… we also tried to build a controller that’s receptive to the strength of the grip, we tried a lot, even a transforming controller.”


Ignoring the little fanboy squeek I made at the idea of a transforming controller, it sounds intriguing doesn’t it? Imagine how much more careful you would be sneaking around in the game if, when you were zapped by one of those big two-legged robots, you were zapped in real life. Perhaps they could incorporate these ideas in to the PS3 motion controller…

ns4The PS3 Motion Controller is not going to get a cool moniker.Wand” is the best they have come up with so far. Company head Shuhei Yoshida says,

“There are several candidates for the name of the controller, those names are making their way through Sony, being run up the flagpole and getting feedback from various internal departments. The Sixaxis and the DualShock 3 – while great product names – are based on the actual tech, the name we pick for the Wand Controller maybe won’t be so techy.”

If Sony do not want a ‘techy’ name why not just use my current name for it, ‘Stick’. Everyone knows what a stick is and you have to agree a stick is pretty low tech. Personally, I would prefer a technological name, imagine it is 2010 and you are playing split screen co-op Resident Evil 5:

“Give me the Glow-ball Wand! I need it so use Jill’s attack!” does not sound quite as cool as, “Give me the Swordaxis! I need it so use Jill’s attack!”

I wish we had some news of motion controlled Resi Evil 5.. Good grief, it is the next story how convenient!

ns3Capcom have announced details of the Resident Evil 5 : Aternative edition that will make use of the PS3 Stick. If you have played the game you may remember a flashback where Chris and Jill raided the Spencer estate.

“It was a key incident in Resident Evil 5, but it was only there as a flashback scene,” said project lead Miho Suzuki, “In Alternative Edition, you’ll actually be able to play through it. We had a lot of requests from fans about it.”

“In regards to the Xbox 360, a lot of fans have enjoyed the game on the console. So we are working to release the additional content in another format, as a product.” Suzuki added.

So ‘Special Edition’ for the PS3 and DLC for the Xbox. See, that wasn’t too hard to say was it Capcom? By the way why is now ‘Alternative’ not ‘Directors cut’? I bet it will feature that horrendous section where you will find the Resident Evil 5 official guide as ‘treasure’ in the game. Terrible bit of product placement, talking of which..

ns1Product Placement News: It has often claimed that games are getting more like movies and judging by the amount of product placement that is true. Next week is the “Brand Licensing Europe Event” (I know, I can hardly contain my excitement either!) and for the first time it will have an ‘Interactive Game Zone’ sponsored by Lego Rockband. Now my knowledge of Rock is limited to 90’s heavy metal (Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper et al), but is that meant to be Lego Kurt Cobain on the left? Good grief Courtney Love is going to blow her top if she finds out he can thrash out the chords for Ghostbusters in Lego Rockband. And while I am on a tangent – Ghostbusters? Seriously? I know for fact that tune was produced 100% electronically and did not involve rocking out at all. There is an electric guitar I grant you but the rest of the song ripped off “Pop Musik” by ‘M’.

Anyway, back to the point. Properties ‘showcased’ at these years BLE include LittleBigPlanet, Invizimals, EyePet, Assassins Creed 2, Rabbids, Imagine, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell and Petz. Some of those seem fair game, LBP for example – the odd “Drink Coca Cola!” sticker in a pack isn’t going to harm anyone – but Assasins Creed? Have the time travelled back to get some Italian Renaissance product placement? “Mangi A Pizzaria Hut?”

In other licensing news, a while ago the Playstation brand has been snapped up “Blue Chip” who will handle “toys, collectibles, posters and sporting goods”. A little article over in Licensing Biz reveals Blue Chip’s initial focus will be on LittleBigPlanet which we knew about, but they will also be releasing merchandise based on Ratchet & Clank, as well as the God of War and Gran Tourismo franchises. Those of you who have always wanted a Ratchet plushy may finally get your wish.

ns6Movie news: Bioshock is go! And then wasnt! But now it is! Again! Variety are reporting that a new director has been found, namely Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. Perhaps not quite such a big name as Gore “Pirates Of The Caribbean” Verbinski, so who is he? Well Fresnadillo helmed the not-to-bad-actually sequel “28 Weeks Later” and “Intacto” which was a smash hit in Spain. Perhaps you still doubt he’s the man to bring Rapture to life, but would you kindly give him the benefit of the doubt.

In other  Hollywood news, and bear with me as this is a bit boring before I get to the point, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) are nearing a video game deal. SAG is the union that represents the majority of actors over in the United States and fights for their rights (but not, unfortunately, in satin tights) for pay and pensions. Currently a video game ‘pact’ exists rather than any enforceable union deal but that looks set to change. So what? Well cast your mind back to summer last year, do you remember there was a two month period when US TV shows stopped and big movies such as Transformers 2 shut down production? That was a SAG strike in action. I am not suggesting having a union is bad deal for gaming, however if SAG calls another strike then the chances are Ugly Betty and Jay Leno will be joined on the picket line by Nathan Drake, Sonic and Kratos.

ns8Everyone is looking forward to The Last Guardian except me. Yes, it looks lovely (anyone else think of the old kids animation “Cities of Gold”? Same ruined Temple look, very similar main character?) but I seem to be unaffected by Team Ico games in much the same way I’ve found every variation of GTA extremely dull. Those of you who find stabbing Colossi to death ten times in a row an emotional experience will be squealing like, well, like a stabbed Colossus, to hear Ueda is very much in favour Ico & SOTC appearing on PSP and PS3.

“Initially, I didn’t want to consider that,” said Ueda. “I always thought they were designed for PS2 and should stay there. But lately, I’ve been thinking it would be nice to provide the games to other platforms to reach more users.”

No indication if his “thinking” is swayed by the God of War double pack heading to the U.S. or the leaked memo suggesting every PS2 game will make it to PS3 via the PSN.

ns2And Finally.. not quite as cool as the Nike Geewun Soundwave sneakers, Nike have announced this years limited edition ‘Air PS3’ trainers featuring the PS3 Circle, Cross, Triangle and Square motif. Snazzy eh? Fancy showing your the world how much you love your console and buying a pair? Well when I said limited, I meant limited. Twenty-four pairs will made. Ouch. Not one to be left out, Microsoft recently teamed up with Puma for Forza 3, announcing,

“The new partnership will include a number of cross promotional elements, including the development of a limited edition Forza branded Puma shoe to coincide with the game launch.”

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