Gameswipe Airs Tonight

In recent times television has had an almost non-existent approach to gaming, which is strange considering that gaming reportedly accounts for more revenue’s in the UK than either the movie or music business, most recently unfortunately appearances have been limited poorly researched pieces on either Watchdog or a biased one sided opinion on a Tonight special. From my past I always remember Gamesmaster with fondness, of course it was essentially rubbish but it appealed to me as a youngster, tuning in every week to see what games were reviewed, what challenges were set on the way to winning the Gamesmaster Golden Joystick, and a sense of disappointment that the game featured in the tips/cheats section was never a game anyone I knew actually owned. There has of course been other gaming related programs over the years but none have become culturally relevant or captured the essence of gaming and turned it into a successful format.

Gameswipe will be nothing like other gaming programs on TV, written and presented by Guardian columnist Charlie Brooker, who is perhaps more famous for his Screenwipe and Newswipe series where he takes a satirical and often scything look at TV programming and current affairs. According to the BBC’s Gameswipe summary “Charlie Brooker sets his caustic sights on video games. Expect acerbic comment as he looks at the various genres, how they have changed since their early conception and how the media represents games and gamers. Features interviews with Dara O’Briain, sitcom scribe Graham Linehan and Rab and Ryan from Consolevania.”

Unfortunately Gameswipe is only planned to be a one off so make sure you tune in to BBC4 at 10pm tonight and who knows a series may be commissioned. Below is a short excerpt from tonights program to whet your appetite: